We took a two-day vacation to the Massanutten resort to sort things out. We had a nice and somewhat peaceful time together. I took Đạo and Đán to snow tubing since all the ski classes were booked. The weather was almost 60 degrees. There was just thin ice. We slid three times in two hours. We had to wait in line to slide and we didn’t have to walk up to the stop. We just stood on the moving walkway to get us to the top. It required no exercise at all. We had a blast at the indoor waterpark though. Even Xuân loved it. We just rode on the double swim ring.

My wife and I continued to debate and argued over what we should do with the kids’ conflict. I felt strongly that the kids needed time apart to work things out. While on the trip, I reminded Đạo and Đán why his cousin could not join us for the fun. It will be like that for a while until they could make the cousin feel comfortable to be around them. My wife didn’t think we should separate them. We did come to an agreement and I was willing to give the kids a chance to work things out.

Nevertheless, the boys had a great time at the resort. I can’t complain since I had the best raw oyster yet.