Hello from Berlin

It’s nice to get an email from a reader every now and then:

Hello Donny,

Thank You so much for Professional Web Typography. I’m refreshing my knowledge by reading it these days. I also very much like all your projects. Jay Z really impressed me.

But all this is not what triggered me to write to you: It was your blog, where I chose the filter “parenthood”. I am a mother of two boys (5 and 3 years) and know the helpless feeling that you described on you blog. What’s helped me a lot was a book. It was “The Challenge of Parenthood” by Rudolf Dreikurs. It is already about 50 years old and the many examples are totally outdated, but the advice I have found there had enormous impact on the way how I see parenting. It was like magic. Try it.

I appreciate the recommendation. I also am glad that she reads my blog on parenthood. Truth be told, I has written down all of these posts to sort out my emotions. The emotion of flaw, failure, selfishness, and helplessness. I am far from being a good parent and I am quite embarrassed when people say that I am a great dad. I am just a human being. I go through my ups and downs. I don’t know what is the right way to raise my kids. I am still learning and adapting as they get older.

What I have written down isn’t always positive. They are just what I was feeling at the time. I am at the point that I should not have to regret how I feel. This is the only place where I could speak out my mind. There are things that I can’t say in my real life I can say it here. On here, I am not afraid being judged. On here, no one could tell me what I can and cannot say.

At times, I admire my sons for saying things on their mind that I can only think but cannot say. What they said not always comfortable, but they didn’t hold back. In a way, this blog allows me to be a kid again. Being vulnerable and being free. Just let the mind go.