A Conversation on Death

After a long day, I get exhausted around 8pm. The daily tasks of giving the kids a bath and brushing their teeth have become tedious. The two big kids can do it on their own for the most part, but they wouldn’t move when I asked nicely. They only get going when I yell. I am get tired of yelling. At bedtime, we had a conversation:

Dad: When I died, you won’t hear me yelling anymore.
Đán: No, Daddy. I don’t want you to die. I love you.
Đạo: We love you and we want you and Mommy to live forever.
Dad: How?
Đạo: I make sure you eat right and exercise.
Dad: Thanks son, but we won’t live with you guys forever. I want you to take of each other.
Đạo: We will, but can you live until we have our wives?
Dad: I surely hope so, but don’t marry someone like your mom.
Đạo: Why not?
Dad: She’s a meanie.
Đạo: She’s nice and beautiful.
Dad: I am just kidding.
Đán: I love you. I don’t want you to die.

Đán was getting emotional. I held them closed and kissed them. I told them, “I will be here with you as long as I can.” I am glad to know that at least two people will miss me when I am gone. I also felt guilty for all the yelling. I need to work on that. Parenting is always a work in progress.