The FBI Contacted Me

Last Thursday as I was about to enjoy my cocktail shrimps at our school’s holiday party, I received a call from the Federal Bureau of Investigation. I was nervous, but I answered the phone and headed back to my office.

The guy from the other end spoke English with heavy Middle Eastern accent. He told me that I missed my 8866 filing deadline. He said that I took out some grants for my schooling at George Mason University School of Art. I could barely understand him so I asked him to repeat. He got mad and started cussing in the background. I asked him to repeat his statement again and he told me to talk to another guy. This guy also has Middle Eastern accent but lighter. I wondered why the FBI has so many foreigners working for them.

While they were explaining, I Googled their phone number: 434-293-9663. It doesn’t look legit to me so I told the guy that I will check with my school and get back to him. As I was about to hang up, a restricted number called in. I switched over and another guy with Middle Eastern accent said that an arrest warrant has been issued and the police is coming for me.

At this point, I knew I was being scammed by the Fake Bureau of Investigation. I called George Mason Police to report the incident.