Ursula K. Le Guin: No Time to Spare

Inspired by José Saramago, Ursula K. Le Guin started to blog. This form of writing provides her the sense of freedom. She can write about anything she wants. As a result, No Time to Spare is a collection of her blog posts ranging from living in her 80s to feminism to cat to literary to swearwords—Le roi est mort, vive le fucking roi. Reading this book encourages me to continue to blog into my 80s or when I leave this life. Blog on, Ms. Le Guin and thanks for the wise words on age:

Old age is for anybody who gets there. Warriors get old; sissies get old. In fact it’s likely that more sissies than warriors get old. Old age is for the healthy, the strong, the tough, the intrepid, the sick, the weak, the cowardly, the incompetent. people who run ten miles every morning before breakfast and people who live in a wheelchair. People who work the London Times crossword in ink in ten minutes and people who can’t quite remember who the president is just now. Old age is less a matter of fitness or courage than of luck equals longevity.

More on age, Ms. Le Guin writes:

Let age be age. Let your old relative or old friend be who they are. Denial serves nothing, no one, no purpose.