Đán Stepped Up His Learning

My five-year-old who will turn six at the end of this month finally learned the alphabet letters. For months I have been concerned about his learning ability. When I sat down to teach him the letters, I got frustrated because he could not even go through two letters at a time. I felt like he said random letters just to screw with me.

I talked to my wife, but she doesn’t seem to worry. I sought advice from a friend who is a preschool speech therapist and she provided me tons of useful information and techniques. She also recommended that I take him in for an evaluation. I brought it up to Đán’s teacher in our conference and she advised me to give him a bit more time. She provided the alphabet with images so that he could sound out the letters. For instance, when he says snake, he could figure out the s sound. It worked surprising well. Now he could figure out most of the letters without the images.

I downloaded the Starfall.com app on my phone and let him plays with it. The app seems to help out too. He enjoys it. The next challenge is to get him to read simple words like in, on, and at. I will start him on Let’s Read later on this year. The book helped Đạo tremendously. Đạo likes to read now and I am very happy about it.

Once I can turn Đán into a bookworm, I have done my part. I read very little when I was a kid and I am kind of regretting it. I don’t want that to happen to them.