My Poor Wife

Xuân, being sick, sucks the life out of my wife. He clings to her twenty four seven. He cries and whines and wakes up every hour at night. I have been miserable myself from a cold.

Yesterday we decided to go to Six Flags to get some fresh air. On the way, I asked my wife, “Do you still love us?” Her respond was, “No, I love no one but myself.” Đạo and Đán was a bit sad. Đán said, “That means you hate us.” I said, “No, she loves you guys more than me.” She said to the boys, “I love you more if you don’t make me yell.” I thought to myself, “I don’t make you yell. I just make you scream.”

I held my joke because I didn’t know she was in the right mood for it. I didn’t want to get yell at.