I probed Đạo and Đán some more on the k-word. Đạo gave me an explanation that seemed to make sense. In the video games they played, Minecraft for example, in order to reset their character they have to kill themselves. I asked Đán if that what he meant and his answer was obviously “yes.”

We had taken the step to ban the use of iPad on the weekdays. They only get to play on weekends and sometimes on vacations. I don’t want to completely ban them. Furthermore, Minecraft isn’t all that bad. Đạo has been building his own houses, playrooms, and everything. They seem to be pretty neat. I asked what had Đán built in Minecraft and Đạo said that Đán doesn’t like to build anything. He just goes around and kills animals.

I am now having a dilemma about toy guns. I let them play with Nerf guns. These colorful guns are obviously toys. With the mass shootings and the gun culture in America, I am not sure if it is still OK to play with toy guns. We mentioned to Đạo and Đán about the recent incident on Las Vegas and I also brought up the idea of donating their Nerf guns. They didn’t give us a direct response.