Cure for Gout

With vacations, family reunion, and a trip to Vietnam over the summer, I drank excessively and ate recklessly. I had hard liquor, beer, and wine. I ate everything including beef. Of course, I worried about my gout. Fortunately, I found the cure in Bragg apple cider vinegar. I took a shot before breakfast and a shot after dinner. My gout did not flare up at all. In the past, I would get flared up if I were drinking for a week despite drinking cherry juice and taking Naproxen. With the apple cider vinegar, I don’t even need to take Allopurinol or Uloric. Now the the summer is over, I am watching my diet again and drinking only on special occasions. I am also weaning off apple cider vinegar until I feel something funny in my feet. If you have gout, give Bragg apple cider vinegar a shot.