Going Back to Vietnam

Tomorrow I will be flying back to Vietnam to attend and to speak at the InSITE 2017: Informing Science + IT Education Conferences. In addition, I will see my father for the first time in sixteen years. How could I forget? September 11 happened when I was with him.

I have not slept much lately. The anxiety has kicked in even though I tried to relax and to take things as calm as I can. I don’t want to think too much into it and just let it plays out naturally. I don’t expect much from the trip. My whole goal is just to spend time with him. With the recent death of my wife’s uncle who I loved and respected, the trip is more important than ever. You never know when you will go. I might not get the opportunity to see him again after this trip.

We have a strange and disconnected relationship, but I am putting the past behind us and just focus on the present. I have come to term that our fate won’t change. I either face it for spend the rest of my life trying to hide from it. I hold no grudges against him. After all, we are father and son. Nothing can change that and I have nothing but love for him.