Vacationing in Salvo

We’ve been in Salvo, North Carolina since Saturday. My schedule has been pretty simple. Wake up at six and read until the boys get up around nine. After breakfast, we headed to the beach until noon. Go back to the vacation house for lunch, hang out for a bit, and then hit the pool. I would play in the water with Xuân until he got out. After that I continued to read while watching the big boys. It’s so nice that they can swim by themselves. After dinner, the kids get to watch a movie. They usually got knocked out around 10:30 PM. I get back to reading until midnight.

It’s so nice that the kids are completely off the iPad. I also limited my use on the iPhone. I leave it in my room most of the day. Only access it during the night or early in the morning.

Currently reading Davis Sadaris’s Thef by Finding. His short dairies are like blog posts.