The Neighbor

The neighbor texted me:

I gather u must be on vacation. But wanted to let you know that apparently you left your garbage on saturday night in a box And some animal destroyed it at night. It was spread on your sidewalk. The truck picked up some of it on monday. But there is still plenty on the ground.. smelling..

I asked him to help me clean up and offered to buy him some beer. He texted back:

I picked up what I could. But trash is still on the ground as Everything is loose, not even in plastic bags, papers, cans, napkins, food.. Just plain gross!

Oh, no need for beer or anything.

I made a dumb mistake. I should have used the trash can. Since we will be away for two weeks, I didn’t want to leave the trash can on the sidewalk for that long. In addition, we only had two trash bags. I didn’t think about the damn animals.