Popeyes Customer Service Sucks

I went to Popeyes located at 9661 Fairfax Boulevard to pick some mash potatoes for my kids. I ordered two large sizes with gravy on the side. I received two large containers for the mash potatoes and a tiny container for the gravy. I asked for extra gravy and the cashier would not give it to me. I was willing to pay for it, but he rang up almost $3. A regular side of mashed potatoes cost $1.79, and yet an extra gravy cost $3. I cancelled my order and the manager didn’t look happy. He tossed the entire bag in the trash right in front of me before provided me my refund. I went to 29 Diner and ordered 4 portions. They gave me plenty of gravy too. I love Popeyes chicken, but I won’t go back to this location until the manager gets retrained in customer service.


I went to Boston Market and ordered a large size mash potatoes. They gave me generous gravy with no extra charge.