True Eyecare

I have visited True Eyecare three times in the past six years. Although I can’t recall my first experience, my first impression of Dr. Mỹ-Hạnh Triệu was friendly and professional. My second visit was in 2014. She and her staff helped me pick out a pair of Polo (made in Italy) I still wear today. In my twenty years of experience of wearing glasses, I found that only glasses that are made in Italy last the longest. My previous pair, also made-in-Italy Polo, lasted over ten years. I had a handful of pairs made in China broke within a year.

A few days ago, my sons played with my glasses and misplaced it. I thought it was lost so I made an appointment to visit Dr. Triệu. Luckily I found it underneath the couch a day before my appointment, but I kept it anyway since it has already been three years. Yesterday I went in for an exam and browsed the collection to find a new pair with the help of her technician Hiếu, who is also nice and helpful. While trying out the glasses, a teenage girl walked in with some issues in her eye. Although the girl has insurance, her deductible would be extremely high. As a result, Dr. Triệu only charged her for a small fee—even less than my deductible. I found that to be very generous of her.

After I decided on a new pair of Versace with anti-scratch, anti-reflection, and transition lenses, the bill came quite high. She gave me some discounts, but I decided to take out the transition. Today I changed my mind and would like to switch to the transition lenses. Even though I thought it was too late, I gave her a call anyway. It didn’t hurt to ask. Fortunately she is willing to do it for me. I just have to pay the difference for the transitional feature.

True to its brand True Eyecare truly cares. I highly recommend Dr. Mỹ-Hạnh Triệu if you live in Falls Church and Arlington.