Teddy Bear Day Care and Preschool

In late January, we enrolled our one-year-old son in Teddy Bear Day Care and Preschool. As with most infants his age, he still cries every morning when I drop him off. Fortunately, his teachers, Ms. Allison and Ms. Mary in particular, have been patience in helping him making the transition. They would pick him up from my arms and try to calm him down. As soon as I walk out the door, he would stop crying and get on with his day.

In the past four months at Teddy Bear, I have observed that the teachers and staff members are friendly and accommodating. They work with us to give our son the comfort and the care he needs during his time at the facility. For example, they would let us know what type of food he likes so we can pack him extra snacks if we want to.

I also appreciate the no-cellphone policy at Teddy Bear. At some daycares, I have noticed that allowing cellphone can be distracting. As much as I would love to see photos and activities of our son during his time at the daycare, I prefer the teachers to focus their attention on the kids.

It will take a bit of time for our son to make the adjustment in the morning drop off, but I have confidence in the teachers and staff members at Teddy Bear. I trust that our son is in loving and caring hands.