In Us We Trust

A few years ago I met up with a lady for dinner. We got to know each other through She obviously knew that I was married with a kid through this blog. We had a nice conversation about Ngọc Lan, being Vietnamese-American, and politics. After our initial meetup, I was hoping that we could become friends so I could introduce her to my wife and kid. Unfortunately it was a one-time thing. We never kept in touch after that. Of course my wife knew about the meetup and she even approved it. I see nothing wrong with it. I would do the same if she wanted to dine with a male friend. I completely trust her just like she has trusted me.

The trust between us is something that I take very seriously. Trust doesn’t come easy and we had to build it from the beginning. If one of us breaks that trust, our marriage would suffer. I would never jeopardize that trust. I worked very hard to earn it.

I am also fortunate to have a strong, independent, confident, and understanding woman. She doesn’t post any restriction on me because she trusts me. I can hang out and drink with friends as long as I don’t violate her trust. Some guy can’t even hang an Áo Trắng calendar on his wall. If she has done that to me, I don’t think we can be on the same page.

My wife and I both come to the same conclusion that if we want to cheat nothing can stop us. We also know that there’s no turning back once the trust is lost. All I ask of her is that she keeps it real with me. If we can no longer be together, we can walk away without breaking our trust.

Trust trumps everything. The notion that a married person can’t dine alone with another opposite sex is fucking religious.