Perfect Timing

This week I will be attending Computer in Libraries 2017, a three-day conference, and my damn gout flared up. I suspect saké is the culprit. I had been drinking soy milk as well, but I am not sure if it caused the flare up. My diet has been terrible. I ate pretty what I wanted except for beef. I haven’t been walking or jogging for a while. I need to get back to exercise and eating right. I am not good at self-disciplined.

Life is good, but stressful as usual, particularly work, which has an effect on me. The good side is that I no longer have the time to give a fuck about the incompetent president. That puppet motherfucker is going down. The healthcare bill is the first major sign of failure. I still can’t believe that son of a bitch is our president.

I haven’t blog much because I have ran out of shit to say. I want to get back to just writing without thinking or editing. Lately I have come to realize that I am so damn awkward in socializing. I hardly have anything to say to people because I don’t want to get into their space. I also fear of sounding stupid. I have been observing my kids to see how they do it and I think I can learn from them. With Xuân, he just smiles and touches people. He could get away with it because he is so damn adorable. It would be too creepy for for and I might even get in trouble. Đạo is very natural when approach others, especially his peers. He could easily make friends. I don’t have that friendliness in me. Đán is fascinating to watch. He can talk to anyone about the things that he is into. He doesn’t care who he’s talking to or if that person has any interest in what he’s talking about. He would talk about a video game that he played and than that person would be interested in his subject. Imagine if I come up to someone and talk about web typography. They would look at me and be like, “What the fuck are you talking about?” That’s what I think anyway.

What if I don’t give a fuck what people think? Just say whatever the fuck I think just like what I do on this blog? If I just have half of the courage I have for my blog in real life, I would not be so social awkward.