Do Less

A couple of weeks ago, I stayed up to one or two in the morning for a few days to wrap up a freelance project and got sick for a whole week. The extra money that I made did not pay off for the illness. I won’t be picking up any freelance work anytime in the near future.

At home, I try not to open my laptop if I can help it. As a result, I haven’t done too much personal work other than blogging, which I now do on my phone. Getting old is catching up to me. By 9pm I would be completely exhausted after giving the kids a bath and brushing their teeth. I just wanted to go to bed.

For the past few months, I have turned off email from work on my phone. It works out well. Other than when the server goes down, which I get notified on my personal email, nothing is urgent that could not wait until I come into the office.

I have once again deleted Twitter and Facebook apps off my phone. Twitter, which I have used mainly to keep up with web design, has becoming too political. It’s not a complain. I just need less Trump in my life. Facebook is too addictive, which has become a distraction. I want to use Facebook and Twitter like LinkedIn. I just have a presence, but don’t have to do anything else. Distributing my blog posts on these platform allowed me to do that.

My goal is to do less in this chaotic digital world. Rebalancing my real and alternative lives.