Gout Update

I have my gout under control (I hope). It hasn’t flared up again even though I had gone back to my usual diet. I eat pretty much anything except for beef. I haven’t had steak, phở, and bún bò Huế. I don’t really miss them, but if I want to I could eat once in a while. In contrast, the inability to control what I eat has other effects, like getting fat and fatigue.

I haven’t taken Uloric nor Allopurinol to control my gout. Apple cider vinegar seems to do the trick when I had some Tequila shots for three or four days in a row at our annual family reunion. In addition, I think blanco Tequila, which is pure and not aged, doesn’t seem to affect gout. I don’t drink hard liquor anymore. I do drink some wine and saké. They seem to play nice.

Life with gout isn’t all that bad after all. I am less stressed out about it now than before. The only things I am giving up are beer and liquor. I can handle those. It’s nice not to have hangovers and I might live longer without them.