The People Trumped The President

In just two weeks, we have witnessed how the people had stood up to the incompetent president. The Women’s March trumped the inauguration. Do we need to see the photos again? The beautiful, hand-crafted pussyhats trumped the “Make America Great Again” red caps, which made in China.

While he was boasting that his Muslim ban was “working out very nicely—you see it in the airports,” the video of the airports showed chaotic scenes with protesters and lawyers.

Thanks to social media, organizing protests against the incompetent-in-chief is fast and effective. More crowds are to be expected in the nomination of the Supreme Court Justice, marches for science, protests for Tax Day, and fights for healthcare.

With the $20 million dollars raised in two days the ACLU, the people have demonstrated that no one, not even the president, is above the law.

Let’s keep the momentum going because the size of the crowd matters. The protesters get under his skin because they have stolen the limelight from him.