Lost a Traffic Court Case

Wasted two hours this morning in court and ended up losing the case for the speeding ticket. Even though I presented my evidence and made the case, the judge took the cop’s position over me. What more can I do? He did reduce to a $40 fine plus court fees. It was a learning experience and will help me prepare for the next time.

I hope I won’t get another ticket in my life, but how can I avoid it if the cops are out there to get me? I also find that some cops are hypocrites too. They have no problem stopping you for small mistakes even though they don’t follow the law themselves. I have seen several times when the cops flashed their lights to get pass the red light and turned them off like nothing happened. They made u-turns when the sign indicates no u-turn. They don’t stop at the stop sign and yet they would have no problem stopping us for stopping at a stop sign a second too fast.

As long as I am on the road, this is what I have to deal with. I am not going to let them get to me. I have earned the maximum of 5 safe driving points in Virginia so my record is still pretty good.

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