Jeremy Keith: Resilient Web Design

An early Christmas gift to web designers from the one and only Jeremy Keith, Resilient Web Design takes us back to the beginning of the World Wide Web, shows us what makes the web resilient, and guides us in building a web that would last. As always, Keith’s writing is clear, concise, and thoughtful. His approach to web design sums up in three steps:

  1. Identify core functionality.
  2. Make that functionality available using the simplest possible technology.
  3. Enhance!

In addition to being free, the best part about the book is using the web as a publishing platform. It makes perfect sense for a book written about the web to be read on the web (or offline via Service Worker). Typeset in ET Book, the design of the book website is as beautiful as it is readable. Without a doubt, Resilient Web Design is a required reading for web designers and front-end developers everywhere.