Five years of hard work have paid off. I have been promoted to director of design and web services at Scalia Law School.

In my recent role as a web services developer, I was responsible for server administration and content management system. Being a designer, I took upon myself to help shape the design direction for the school and its branding, particularly when we changed our name from Mason Law to Antonin Law. As much as I had enjoyed being a jack of all trade, my job had become overwhelming.

My supervisor and our senior associate dean have recognized the growing of the school, they had promoted me to the director position and promised to hire a backend developer to work with me.

In this new role, I will be making design an integral part of the school’s brand, message, and recruiting effort. I will be focusing on the design strategy of the law school’s websites rather than the back-end development, but I won’t be hand-off completely. I will continue to do design and front-end development. I will collaborate with the back-end developer on the CMS and server side.

We will be searching for a back-end developer soon. If you are a web developer or know someone in the Metro Area and would like to join me, let’s talk.

I am looking forward to new challenges and opportunities in my new role.