Kids’ Logic

Last night’s bedtime conversation:

Đán: Daddy, do you know that your penis connected to your butt.
Dad: What? Where did you learn that?
Đạo: Your penis connected to your butt because the juice goes to your penis and the food goes to your butt.
Dad: OK guys, that is way too much information. Let’s just go to sleep.

Last week at Sweet Berries, a frozen yogurt place:

Đạo: (Read the sign) “This restroom is only for Sweet Berries customers.”
Đạo: Daddy, does that mean the employees can’t use it? What if they have to pee?
Dad: That’s a really good point. I am glad you’ve caught it. I guess the employees just have to hold it.

I love having these conversations with the kids. The way they think are hilarious yet logical and imaginative. I need to jot them down before they escape me.