Getting Back to Blogging

In the past couple of months, my blog posts had been mostly links to articles about the election. Now it’s time to get back to blogging again.

Blogging nowadays feels antiquated, yet it remains one of my favorite activities to share my thoughts and hone my writing. It still provides a space for me to write without all the distractions from social media. Although I still am active on Twitter and Facebook, I prefer writing on my blog. Unlike those two networks, blogging no longer needs to fight for attention.

I can just write, publish, and leave. I don’t need to constantly checking for likes, retweets, and replies. I used to do that way back when I had comments turned on. Now it is just me and my own words. Not knowing who reads my blog, I write mostly for myself.

As a blogger, I also enjoy reading other people’s blog. I still use Feedly to keep update on my favorite blogs. Sadly, most of the blogs I subscribed no longer making updates. On the other hand, a few bloggers are still killing it.

For personal pleasure, MsNguyen is the only one that updates on the regular basic. Although I don’t engage in the comment section, I read every post she published. I hope she will keep on writing because I will definitely miss reading her words if she stops.

For critical thinking on the web, Mr. Jeremy Keith is always on point. He is one of the bloggers who inspired me to own my blog. Medium,, Facebook, and Twitter could disappear tomorrow, but my blog will always be under my control.

Bonjour Vietnam