The Final Result

I am glad that tomorrow is the last day, but I am also anxious to find out the result. This election has affected me deeply. It has become part of my daily stress even though I can’t do nothing about it. Whatever the final result tomorrow, I just have to accept it.

If Hillary wins, I will be excited to witness the first women president and I am sure she will be a great one, at least for the next four years. She has clear political policies to move this country forward. Her heart is in the right place. I am confident and proud if she wins tomorrow.

If Trump wins, I will be worried, but the people had spoken. I just have to accept him and hope that he won’t do too much damage in the next four years. America will be changed forever from the Supreme Court to everything else.

America has played a bad joke and it is coming back to bite us in the ass. We all laughed at Donald Trump when he said he would run for president. Who’s got the last laugh now?

After tomorrow, I will be tuned out of all this craziness. Getting sucked into politics is fascinating but also draining. I should just going back to being ignorant about politics. One more day to go. I can do it.

Bonjour Vietnam