Gucci Mane: Everybody Looking

This crazy election is unescapable. It even shows up on Gucci Mane’s Everybody Looking. In “Pussy Print” Gucci raps, “And I only featured Kanye / Cause we both some fuckin’ narcissists / Narcissistic tendencies with psychopathic pockets, bitch.” Does that sound like someone running for president? The hook in “Out Do Ya” is more relevant than ever: “How you let a nigga in the feds out do ya.” We are seven days away from this from this intense, dramatizing election, and if you can’t tune out of it, you might as well enjoy it. In addition, Gucci has such a distinctive flow that he can turn even his most nursery rhymes into artistic expression. In the second verse of “At Least A M,” he literally rhymes about alphabet letters:

I love to love the M
Gucci Mane a G
I’m from BC Bouldercrest
And I be scrapped up to the teeth
I used to have them P’s
I got em’ from AZ and I used to pay like one for em’ sell em’ for the three
RIP to E, how you let a nigga in a motherfucking wheelchair beat you to the cheese
You deserve a D
Y’all ain’t really flown but you post’ gettin’ up lil’ money but ain’t get money like me
I’m steady pushing three, or you can call it H
But ain’t no need to call me unless you got ninety G’s, I’m tryna’ make a B
You tryna’ make a play but get the fuck up out my face cause nigga you the MTD’s

You have to listen to him rap to appreciate his fucking genius.