Five Years at the Law School

Yesterday someone congratulated me on LinkedIn. I can’t believe it has already been five years since I joined the law school.

These days my role has extended beyond web development. I am the go-to guy for most of the design and marketing materials. I am juggling five to six projects at a time ranging from setting up a new site for a new center, laying out an eight-page program for an event, creating banner to recruit students, making landing pages and forms for digital marketing efforts, coding email newsletters to securing the web servers.

My workload can be overwhelming, but the support from my supervisor allow me stay sane. Working full time with three kids is a big challenge, particularly with time management. I deeply appreciate the flexibility that she has given me. In that regard, I don’t think I can find it anywhere else. In return, I do my work whenever necessary—even at three in the morning.

Another rewarding aspect of my work is being around the wonderful colleagues. They always make sure that we have a friendly environment to do our job.