Second Presidential Debate

The second debate was as nasty as expected. Donald Trump survived the ninety-minute without melting down, but he also proved to be dangerous, stupid, and still misogynist.

He threatened to put his opponent in jail: “If I win, I’m going to instruct the attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation, because there’s never been so many lies, so much deception.” It is dangerous for a president to use his power for a revenge. We know he would do it because he is still hurt by what Rosie O’Donnell said to him years ago.

In the exchange over the carried-interest loophole, Donald blamed Hillary for not fixing the problem, but he has no clue how the political system works. Hillary had to teach him: “You know, under our constitution, presidents have something called veto power.” How stupid is it for someone who runs for president doesn’t understand seventh-grade Civics?

When Cooper Anderson pressed Donald on sexual assault, he responded, “I have great respect for women. Nobody has more respect for women than I do.” He respects women so much that he can do anything to them like “Grab them by the pussy.” Is that the kind of respect we want for women?