Some Comments On The VP Debate

Joan Walsh:

As I’ve written before: Trump likes controlling women sexually; Pence does it politically. When it comes to women’s rights, they are two patriarchs in a pod. And Pence showed it.

Rex Huppke:

Pence beat Kaine at debating, no doubt. But Kaine’s constant prodding and Pence’s consistent denials will come back to haunt the Trump campaign.

Pence won the battle Tuesday night. Kaine set his campaign up to win the war.

Benjamin Wallace-Wells:

One good way to score the debate is to say that everybody won except for Donald Trump himself. What you make of that probably depends on how you think about political loyalty.

Libby Nelson’s “7 criticisms of Trump that Mike Pence refused to answer”:

  1. Pence was asked to defend Trump’s most infamous moments — and said Clinton was the insulting one
  2. Pence was asked about Trump paying taxes. He ignored the question.
  3. Pence was asked about taxes again, and said Trump “is a businessman”
  4. Trump called women “pigs,” but Clinton called voters “deplorables”
  5. Kaine asked about McCain, Alicia Machado, and birtherism again, and Pence ignored it
  6. Kaine brought up Trump and nuclear weapons — and Pence mentioned 9/11
  7. Kaine mentioned that he was trying to get Pence to defend Trump — and Pence still wouldn’t