Sun Sentinel Endorses Hillary and Denouces Donald

Sun Sentinel Editorial Board on why Hillary is qualified:

  • Hillary is smart.
  • Hillary has developed the contacts, here and abroad, to promote stability and peace. She has not “solved” the various crises in the Middle East.
  • Hillary has an extensive record of public service.
  • Hillary will push to improve oversight of Wall Street.
  • Hillary is fully qualified to serve as president of the United States.

Sun Sentinel Editorial Board on why Trump is a terrible choice:

  • Trump’s promises are an illusion, but the hate and anger that make him unfit are real.
  • Trump also shows a disqualifying hateful streak toward women, whom he has called “pigs” and “fat slobs.”
  • Trump’s hate extends to Hispanics, Muslims and even the disabled.
  • Trump is lacking in basic knowledge and experience.
  • Trump’s nuclear ignorance is terrifying.