Couple weeks ago, we flew out of Reagan National Airport and needed to park our car for a week. I kept circling the airport trying to find its long term economy parking because I didn’t know that it doesn’t one. I had to park in its general parking and pay the maximum of $25 a day. In other airports such as BWI, its long term parking only cost $8 a day.

Needless to say I was not too happy with RNA’s parking fee. Then it occurred to me how would it know if I parked there in a few hours or few weeks? So I decided to test out the system, which was naive of me. When it came time to leave the parking, I told the cashier that I lost my ticket. He asked me when did I parked? I told him a couple of hours but I was willing to pay the maximum fee. He took down my license plate info and made a phone call. I could hear he laughed over the phone and rung up $200.

With a bit of an embarrassment, I pulled out my credit card to pay. He said, “You told me that you were in here for only a few hours.” I replied, “I know. I thought I could get away with the system too since Donald Trump gets away with it everyday.” We both laughed it off.