The Power of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs might not have predicted it, but his power over kids is undeniable. Đán woke up this morning and asked if he is going to school today. When I said yes, he got upset, “I don’t want to go to stupid school.” When I took him into the bathroom, he asked me, “Can I play on your iPhone?” I replied, “If you’re a good boy, I’ll let you play on the way to school.” His face lid up and responded, “Yes daddy, I will do everything you ask me to.”

He brushed his teeth, put on his clothes, kissed his brothers, mother, and grandma goodbye. We went to Dunkin’ Donuts for his favorite bacon, egg, and cheese Wake-Up Wrap. He played on the iPhone while I drive him to school. It was such a painless, pleasant morning. No fighting, no arguing, no dragging, no carrying, no delaying. If this is how he behaves every morning, I am fine with letting playing on the iPhone. If he smartens up and doesn’t throw a tantrum when I asked him to turn it off, I can let him have it.