On Marriage

Yesterday we went to Philly to attend my cousin’s wedding. We had a fantastic time witnessing two people celebrating their life together. Tonight before bedtime, Đạo asked me a few questions about marriage and I found them to be fascinating. Just out of the blue, the conversation started like this:

Đạo: Daddy, can I not get married?
Dad: Of course you can, if you don’t want to. But don’t you want to be like mommy and daddy? We love each other and we have you guys as a family.
Đạo: Does it mean I will be alone if I won’t get married?
Dad: No, not really, but are you comfortable being alone?
Đạo: No… Can a boy married a boy?
Dad: Sure, if they love each other.
Đạo: Oh my…
Dad: Why you say that?
Đạo: That’s just weird.
Dad: Why is that weird?
Đạo: I don’t know… Can a girl married a girl?
Dad: Sure, if they love each other.
Đạo: I didn’t know that.
Dad: Well, now you know.
Đạo: How about dating?
Dad: What about it?
Đạo: I saw on Minecraft that they go on a date. What do you do on a date.
Dad: You can go to a movie and have dinner like mommy and daddy did.
Đạo: How about Paris? Can you go on a date in Paris?
Dad: Of course, that would be so romantic.
Đạo: Does Paris have toys?

Our conversation switched to toys, but I thought some of his questions were intriguing. It makes me realize that my seven-year-old son is ready to have some real conversations.