Changing the Typeface

I drew the inspiration for this little redesign from rereading Marty Neumeier’s excellent The Brand Gap while on vacation. The entire book is set in large Helvetica with generous leading. It is surprisingly easy to read. At first, I was going for Acumin Pro, but instead I went with Hypatia Sans, designed by Thomas Phinney and Paul D. Hunt. I was not too fond of this eccentric typeface, geometric sans with humanist undertones, at first, but it grows on me. It has quite a bit of personality, which is not a typical choice for running text. This is a personal blog so why not?

In addition to the typeface, I brought back the sidebar to bring back the good old blog design. I have a hate and love relationship with the sidebar, but I am sticking with it for now. I also went back to pure white background with black text to simplify the design. I hope you enjoy this little redesign.

I am still enjoying myself at the the beautiful Siesta Key island. I’ll update this blog next week. Time to hit the beach.