Slideshow for Việt Xuân

Brushed up my Flash chops to create a short slideshow for Việt Xuân. Like Đạo and Đán, Xuân now has a special clip to celebrate his birth. Because he was born on Tết (Lunar New Year), I wanted to sample a song about Xuân, which means spring but also refers to Vietnamese New Year. After going through my music collection, I decided to use “Xuân Ca” by Phạm Duy. There are countless covers of this song, but I selected last year’s rendition from Đoan Trang, which has a tuneful swing arrangement. The only line I used from the song is the hook: “Xuân Xuân ơi, Xuân ơi, Xuân ơi.” Every time he cried or fussed, I sang to him that line and he would crack a smile; therefore, I knew I have to use this song.