Being screwed by your own family is excruciatingly painful. I had suspected it for a long time, but I didn’t want to find out. I could not handle the truth. Now the wound is cut open, the betrayal is real, and the lie is exposed, what more can I do? Not a damn thing.

When it comes to family, all that I ask for is honesty and fairness. When you owe someone something, you are responsible for paying back. You should not take advantage of your own family simply because they care about you. Helping out your family is a must, but taking advantage of your own people is a damn shame.

I wish I never had to find out, but the truth can’t be hidden forever. I cannot live knowing that I cheated others, especially to my own family. How can you live with yourself knowing damn well what you’re doing is not right? We should love and protect the people we love, not cheat, lie, and take advantage of them.

Please stop now. It is never too late to turn around, especially in your own family. Don’t set a bad example for your children. Be truthful to yourself and the people who care deeply about you. I hate to have to walk down this path, but I can’t stand still watching you screwing the person that loved you the most.