Introducing Typographically Trịnh

I am excited to introduce Typographically Trịnh. This is an independent project that aims to highlight Vietnamese typography with my favorite quotes from Trịnh Công Sơn, whose philosophical lyrics I always find intriguing and inspiring.

My goal is simple. Each day I will pick out a quote to design with my own understanding and interpretation of his words. Take a look at the first four pieces I have created. Although Trịnh Công Sơn had written over 600 songs and I only found 244 songs, I will only select 100 quotes that speak to me the most. Why 100? I wanted to do #The100DayProject to help myself stayed creative. I also just want to build websites.

Although I have all the basic structure (HTML and CSS) set up, I won’t see myself creating the pages on a daily basis. I will take my time to fulfill the 100 designs I set out to do. The process will take longer, but I am OK with that. Even though this project has been in the back of my mind for a while, it is started to take shape only after I saw the redesign of Google Fonts. The new directory has a number of decent fonts that support Vietnamese characters. I will also use Typekit for this project.

I am so glad to see that my book on Vietnamese typography has been useful to type designers. I am hoping to see more typefaces that have support for the Vietnamese language. I hope that a project like Typographically Trịnh will motivate type designers to consider extending their fonts to support Vietnamese.

Bonjour Vietnam