Type Design Workshop for Beginners

I am in NYC this week for Typographics 2016. I am away from my family just for days and the kids acted like I’ll be gone for a long time. Đạo and Đán each drew me a Hypno-shroom, my favorite character“Plants vs. Zombies,” to take with me so I can remember them. They are so sweet.

Yesterday I took a beginner type design workshop yesterday with Matteo Bologna, a talented, hilarious Italian-American designer who cusses like a sailor. The workshop introduced students to creating type using Glyphs. Matteo managed to get two people from the Glyphs app to support us. Even though I had not used it until yesterday, it appears to be friendly and intuitive. Although I wish the workshop focused more on demonstrating how to draw letters than focusing on the app, it was an eye opening experience.

Today I am heading back to Poughkeepsie to visit the good old friends and colleagues at Vassar. I am also looking forward to the conference on Friday and Saturday.

Bonjour Vietnam