COVA Doesn’t Care

Despite my new diet and various home remedies, my gout is flaring up today. It’s not so painful yet, but I hope to get it under control soon. Since the doctor visit two weeks ago, I had not have my medication because my insurance, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield COVA Care, denied my prescription. The doctor prescribed Colchicine and COVA denied it. The doctor changed to a generic brand, COVA denied it. I spent last week calling the pharmacy, the doctor, and the insurance. I still get no medication. COVA Care said that the doctor needed to submit authorization forms. The doctor office submitted the form and it was still denied.

After playing phone tags back and forth, the insurance representative put both the medical assistant from the doctor office and me on the line. The insurance representative told us that the insurance denied the coverage, but she couldn’t give us a reason because she didn’t know. She told us we can appeal their decision. The medical assistant told me to make an appointment to visit the doctor again so we can make an appeal. I was just in the office last week and the doctor knew I was in pain. She wanted me back again so they can charge me again in order for me to get my med. It makes no sense.

I am switching my insurance coverage in the next open enrollment in August as well as my family doctor. I need an insurance provider that would cover for my meds when I need them and I also need a doctor that would fight for me. If this had been a life-threatening situation, I could have been dead. The healthcare system in the U.S. needs to change.