Random Thoughts

Just added random background to this site. Some images might cause readability issue. I simply got tired of the clean solid background. Need to spice things up a bit for my personal blog.

Just learned a new word: “uxorious,” meaning “excessively attentive to one’s wife.” I am sure my wife doesn’t want me to be uxorious. She would rather be left alone.

Baby Xuân is growing up too fast. He smiles every time we talk to him. Love it.

Took Đán to daycare this morning and couldn’t find a parking space. He said, “See daddy, there’s no space. So I don’t have to go to school.” Nice one, buddy. As we walked to the front desk, I said hi to his friend’s mom. He asked me who’s that. I told him she’s Natasha’s mom. He said, “No, Natasha’s mom has different head.” I think this kid will be a comedian. Just the other day, he wanted to drink some Pedialyte, but I told him that Pedialyte is only for when he gets sick. He should drink the lemonade I made for him instead). He replied, “No daddy, lemonade makes my cu [penis] worse.” I was speechless.