Politic as Entertainment

With Ted Cruz dropping out, Donald Trump secures the Republican nominee. Just the thought of Trump becoming our president sends chill to my spine. If Clinton becomes the next president, the next four years will be predictable. Some issues will be accomplished and some won’t. If Trump wins, only God knows what will happen.

The president election alone is important, but the more crucial matters are the replacement of Supreme Court Justice and the control of the Senate and Congress. I understand these significant issues, but I also know that my one vote doesn’t matter much; therefore, I can’t take politic too serious. It is simply not good for me.

If nothing else, this election has taught me that politic is just an entertainment. I’ll just live through it. I made it through eight years of Bush. What’s more can be worse? Whoever will be our next president, I will just have to accept him or her. The most I can do is voting for the candidate that I believe in. My one vote doesn’t make much different, but at least I can vote with my own mind. From what I have witnessed so far, I doubt that Trump will change my mind.

This general election will be extremely nasty. My only hope is that Clinton will stay positive and not going down the rabbit hole with Trump. I will be voting for her. If she wins, that will be great. If she loses, ain’t a damn thing I can do.