Gout in Both Feet

The gout is now flared in both of my feet. The right started yesterday and is it getting worse.

In retrospect, I had been quite reckless in the past few months. I consumed three jars of salsa I made with ground beef. I also had burgers, steak, phở bò, and bún bò Huế. On top of that I killed a bottle of Tanqueray, a bottle of Belvedere, half a bottle of Leblon, and half a bottle of Grand Marnier.

I am now paying a big price for it. If I didn’t go overboard I might not have build up that much uric acid. I am definitely cutting the beef, seafood, and alcohol out of my diet. According to this article, I will try to donate blood (hopefully I won’t faint like I did years ago when I had a blood test) and brine baths.

I have been replacing Tequila shots with cherry tart juice. I am starting to like it.