Hà Trần: Bản Nguyên

With her latest release, Bản Nguyên, Hà Trần proves that she can fucking rock too. The album begins with “Đêm (NYX),” a subliminal rock-folk that was written by Dominik Nghĩa Đỗ and Hoàng Quân with Hà Trần’s eccentricity and flexibility in mind. She sings, glides, screams around the electric guitar. While “Hoan Ca (Joys)” continues the rock theme, but with a mixture of Vietnamese folksy, “Trầm Khúc (Sadness Lullaby)” explores the hip-hop-folk-rock territory and shows off Hà Trần’s unmistakable style. Nevertheless, Bản Nguyên is a concept album that must be experienced in its entirety.