Clinton or Sanders?

Despite his sweeping win in Wisconsin, Bernie Sanders still needs 57% of the delegates to secure the nomination. On the other hand, Hillary Clinton only needs 33%. At this point I am still with Clinton, but I will support Sanders of he gets the Democratic nomination.

As much as I appreciate Sanders’ inspiring movement, his radical changes are still not realistic. Eight years ago, we witnessed the promise of change and hope from Obama. Even though he had accomplished a great deal in his two terms, he didn’t make the radical changes that he hoped he could. The President alone cannot do much as we already seen in the past six years. The Republicans in the House and Senate blocked every move the president made. Even Obama acknowledged that he had learned his lessoned. He cannot change Washington completely. He had to do it in a progressive approach.

If Sanders wins, he will be facing the same roadblocks. We will be disappointed once again that he won’t be able to carry out his agendas. I completely understand how the young voters are feeling now because I was in their shoes eight years ago. Learning from experience, I prefer a candidate that has realistic views. Clinton is not promising what she cannot deliver, which makes her less popular than Sanders, but she is more convincing on the issues that she would like to accomplish.

Once again, my choice is still Clinton, but if Bernie wins, I rather vote for him than Donald Trump or Ted Cruz—the two divisive and dangerous candidates.