Clinton’s Next Priority: VP Pick

After winning big victories last night, Hillary Clinton entertained her supports with references of hip-hop lyrics: “Whoever’s out of hand, I’ma give ’em handles / Light ’em up, blow ’em out like candles.” She used Jay-Z’s line, “I got 99 problems, being a bitch ain’t one, hit me.”

Clinton then thanked Bernie Sanders for his incredible campaign. She urged him to fight to the end to keep her from being bored and forgotten in the next few months. She will keep him entertained, but her next move is focusing on her Vice President.

Clinton told her supports that her running mate has to help her galvanize young voters and take on Wall Street. She said, “No other candidate can champion those two issues better than the senior U.S. Senator from Massachusetts Elizabeth Ann Warren.” The crowd went wild chanting: “Woman Power.”