Bringing Back the Sidebar

At the time when everyone wants to kill the sidebar, I am bringing it back with the 2016 redesign. After separating my professional work from my personal blog and launching my online portfolio, I am now focusing this site as my writing platform. I am no longer interested in posting on other places such as Medium, LinkedIn, or Facebook.

The first order of business for the redesign is to get rid of the navigation since I no longer needed it. The main focus is still on the readability of the articles, but I also played up the sidebar. Readers can find everything they need to know about me and my work right on the sidebar.

As far as the new design goes, I am once again returning to Swiss design. For the typeface, I am setting neo-grotesque Acumin Pro, designed by Robert Slimbach, on the entire site. I also wanted to move away from white background and play with pink.

For the backend, I am still rocking WordPress, but reducing my theme to just two files (index.php and CSS). For the layout, I am using flexbox for the columns instead of floats. I am loving flexbox.

That’s it. I hope you like the new change.