Get Ready for CSS Grid Layout & Pricing Design

A Book Apart kicks off its brief series with Rachel Andrew’s Get Ready for CSS Grid Layout and Dan Mall’s Pricing Design. As with any of Ms. Andrew’s technical book, she makes complex CSS techniques looks simple. With clear explanation and CodePen examples, you’ll learn to create CSS grid layouts with this brief book. Though the techniques are not yet adopted in major browsers, they will be coming soon. So it is a good idea to get started and to stay on top of the game.

Like Ms. Andrew, Mr. Mall makes Pricing Design sounds simple. The case scenarios he provided are appealing. If his advice works, you can make $10k a week or over $100k a year. I am glad that he shares his experience and knowledge on making money, but it is unrealistic reach for me. The book makes me realize that I should get out of freelance and work for someone else like Mr. Mall. Then again, if you paid $5 for the book and it helps you to make $100k, it’s definitely worth the investment. Just be realistic about it if you can’t make that much. Mr. Mall himself is quite a savvy business man. He already plugs his second book at the end of this first book.