My Favorite Drinks

A few of my favorite drinks at the moment:

  • Hornitos Lime Shot by Sauza Tequila is surprisingly tasty. It already has the right amount of lime and salt to suit your taste bud. The price is nice too. Hornitos is much cheaper than Patrón and Don Julio. Drinking the whole bottle might give you a hangover, but a shot or two will make you feel good, especially in the cold weather. Just chill it in the freezer and enjoy.
  • Grand Marnier with Red Bull is a perfect combo when I needed lots of caffeine. I don’t drink Red Bull Straight, but half Red Bull and half Grand Marnier is delicious.
  • Fever-Tree Ginger Beer with Tanqueray is just delightful. The strong ginger flavor combined with the exquisite taste of gin and a bit of lime is to die for.