Back to Work

After two weeks off with the kids, I am ready to be back to work. As much as I love my boys, they drove me to the wall. The screaming, playing, fighting, and whining were non-stop unless each got an iPad or they both were sleeping.

Like me, Đạo had two weeks off for the holidays. Đán, on the other hand, could be in daycare for most days during the break, but I felt bad for leaving him in daycare. So I let him stayed home and still paid of the days that he did not attend.

Đán’s behavior had changed before he became four and continued to get worst. He no longer wanted to share anything with anyone. He broke down easily. He made things up like someone punched him when no one even touched him.

Đạo whined about everything. He whined when things didn’t go his way. He whined even being asked to wash his hands before eating. He whined and cried almost all day.

I am failing big time as a father. As a result, I wanted to limit my social life as much as possible. I am not embarrassed about their behaviors. That ship had sailed a long time ago. Nothing they could do in public to humiliate me. I rather deal with them in my own home and have a few drinks to calm my nerves.